The last Jam!

The poem is about the last night before Covid lock down was imposed, when me and my friends were all together. We had a good time, we gazed upon at stars, shared a few drinks and admired the beauty all around us, but, we didn’t knew that it was going to be the last night before our freedom will be curbed for a very long time. The poem is about the experiences that I miss the most.

It was a moonlit sight, from the corner of a cliff
we all sat quietly watching the shimmering city lights,

we were laughing like crazy, a little intoxicated with life,
but none of us thought, that it was THE night

See that star, the moon above our head
hey! bro watch out, we might see a shooting star,

We lit up the fire, for fun, it was not cold,
and said cheers to life, in an open sky bar,

with freedom, and friends, we shared smoke rings
and were planning already, to reach back soon,

as we pondered more and more, looking at the burning sticks,
what we missed looking at, was the behind the cloud moon,

And we didn’t knew it then, the freedom wont last,
It was time to depart, and be away from fam,

The night was the night, we sang a few tunes,
But we didn’t know, it was the last jam!